Plain Veggie Marconi and Cheese

Plain Veggie Marconi and Cheese

Plain Veggie Marconi and Cheese

When I mean veggie, there’s actually no veggie in it. I was in a hurry to pick out something from Safeway and saw these on the shelve. It turns out they have pretty good amount of iron and vitamin A, etc.  Nothing fancy here.  I just combined two things that Caleb likes – noodle and cheese. These can be served as finger food.

A handful of pasta
Monterrey Jack cheese
Chicken broth (optional)

Cook pasta as instructed on the package and add a few more minutes for softer texture. Add a bit of chicken broth if you have in hand.  When pasta’s cook to your desire hardness, drain liquid and leave just a tiny bit in the pot. Add shredded cheese. Stir to incorporate well. No need to add salt as the cheese can be already salty.


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I am a stay-at-home mom with a 14 months old toddler who is hard to please when it comes to food. I am writing this blog for two reasons - documenting my cooking and the recipes I tried and share my experience to other parents who also struggle with a little picky eater. Writing this blog is therapeutic to me, that I find an outlet to share my cooking adventure. Hope you find something helpful here.

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